Technical Policy and Oversight Committee

27 Apr 2021

The Technical Policy and Oversight Committee (TPOC) oversees the work of the various technical committees and working groups, and reports to CIOT Council.  

TPOC also undertakes certain technical activities itself, either because they are of strategic importance, or because they span several committees. For example, we engage with HMRC at senior levels in relation to matters such as performance, guidance, and their Charter. We also co-ordinate or provide evidence to Parliamentary enquiries. 

TPOC has its own Chair and Vice-Chairs, and its membership then broadly comprises the Chair, Vice-Chairs and Technical Officers of the individual technical committees, along with contacts both in other professional bodies with whom we work closely, and those in the wider tax community with whom we have an established relationship. 

A full list of TPOC members can be found here.