Tax Advisers Benevolent Fund - How to apply

20 Apr 2021

Almoner contact: John Dewhurst for an application form 

There are separate forms for Members and Students.


TABF was established by trust deed by CIOT & ATT as a registered charity (charity number 1049658) in 1995 principally to help members and former members and their dependants in need of financial assistance or advice. In addition, TABF has wider general purpose charitable objects. The Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers (WCoTA) is the Corporate Trustee.

Case Histories

Hardship grants are paid to members, students and their dependants because of illness, injury, unemployment, redundancy, low income, expensive disability aid cost or building modification requirements and arrears of outstanding priority bills that pose a threat to the applicant.


CIOT, ATT, WCoTA and its members fund TABF. If you would like to make a donation by bank transfer, standing order or direct debit, or leave a gift in your will please get in touch with John Dewhurst