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Proposals on the treatment of aggregate removed during construction works

June 16, 2021Read more »

Preventing and collecting international tax debt

June 15, 2021Read more »

Helping taxpayers get offshore tax right

June 15, 2021Read more »

Raising standards in the tax advice market: professional indemnity insurance and defining tax advice

June 15, 2021Read more »

Aviation tax reform

June 14, 2021Read more »

Notification of uncertain tax treatment by large businesses

June 7, 2021Read more »

R&D Tax Reliefs

June 7, 2021Read more »

Clamping Down on Promoters of Tax Avoidance

June 7, 2021Read more »

Transfer pricing documentation

June 3, 2021Read more »

Enterprise Management Incentives

May 27, 2021Read more »