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The Chartered Institute of Taxation aims to achieve a better, more efficient, tax system for all affected by it – taxpayers, their advisers and the tax authorities. We promote greater understanding of the tax system by making our experts (including those of our Low Incomes Tax Reform Group) available to the media. Our comments and recommendations on tax issues draw on our members’ extensive experience in all aspects of the tax system.

This section of the website also includes our blogs, which cover reports on parliamentary debates and other political tax developments as well as 'explainers' and opinion pieces, including some written by guest authors independent of CIOT. 

The Videos and Audio page contains links to our recent debates on tax policy issues.  

Contacts for media comment:
Hamant Verma, CIOT Senior External Relations Officer (hverma@ciot.org.uk or 020 7340 2702)
George Crozier, CIOT Head of External Relations (gcrozier@ciot.org.uk or 020 7340 0569)
Chris Young, CIOT Scottish External Relations Manager (cyoung@ciot.org.uk or 07900 241584)

Media enquiries for the CIOT should be directed in the first instance to Hamant Verma, unless they relate specifically to Scotland in which case they should be directed to Chris Young. George Crozier is the out of hours contact. 

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