Changing the Face of Tax

13 Apr 2021

Join us as we build for the future.

We have developed our new website, logo and visual identity to reflect our aim of being at the cutting edge of taxation as well as our ambition for the future.

Together, our website and new visual identity presents us with an opportunity to:

  • Present CIOT as a modern, dynamic organisation which performs its role in the interests of its members and wider society
  • Engage with our members, volunteer community, students and the public and
  • Differentiate our identity and purpose in the environment in which we operate

Our new website is more intuitive, easier to navigate and contemporary. It offers:

  • New design - fresh digital look and feel. Responsive design, together with a new logo, for an improved user experience
  • Easy navigation – intuitive, with faster and more efficient access to the content you want
  • More content - latest tax information. Content and presentation is user friendly and within easy grasp of our increasingly diverse and international audience.

Together, our website and visual identity forms part of an emerging strategy to communicate more effectively with each of our audiences in a way that is relevant, timely and engaging.

We are committed to staying true to our long-held values of integrity and professional excellence while presenting the Institute in a fresh, contemporary way.

Next Steps

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